Siguniangshan approved the establishment of professional out

  • Industry news 2016-12-06

December 1, the long-standing Aba Siguniang Mountain outdoor sports schools in accordance with the law to the Aba Civil Affairs Bureau
to apply for registration, the business unit in charge of Aba Sports Bureau review, the registration authority Aba
Civil Affairs Bureau in accordance with the State Council " Interim Regulations on the Registration of Units and the Interim Measures for
the Registration and Administration of Non-governmentalNon-enterprise Units, it is deemed that the
school has the legal person status of private non-enterprise units and is allowed to register.

According to Siguniang Mountain Authority staff, the founder of outdoor sports school, not only can cultivate
outstanding mountain collaboration, improve the overall level of service, but also on the Siguniang Mountain in the
outdoor activities of the "Mix" to carry out the necessary mountain skills training,
And actively expand the exchange platform to promote the Siguniang Mountain outdoor sports more secure,
scientific and healthy and orderly development, and effectively enhance the visibility and reputation of scenic spots,
to promote the development of Aba sports industry, to achieve Aba "global tourism" to promote tourism
The second venture to make new contributions.

Siguniang Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Siguniang Township, Xiaojin County, Aba Tibetan
and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a Qionglai Mountain Range of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
and consists of four continuous peaks. Into the summer, the number of cotton rain, the area dense forest such as cover,
all things verdant, cool and comfortable, fresh air and pleasant. It is also known as the Oriental Sacred Mountains,
which makes it a tourist destination, a paradise for mountaineers, a labyrinth of mikes,
a photographer's paradise, a unique landscape, and a unique landscape. 



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